Greg is a San Francisco native with over thirty years combined experience as an executive producer, creative director, music producer, publisher, music supervisor, educator and entrepreneur.

His passions and expertise lie at the convergence of music and sound production, interactive entertainment, and higher education. Clients include major game developers and publishers like Microsoft Studios, Insomniac Games, Ubisoft, Disney, Sony, Sega, Blizzard Entertainment and Zynga with whom Greg has worked on award winning titles including: Halo Anniversary, Sunset Overdrive, World Of Warcraft, Kinect Disneyland Adventures, Tron Run/r, and God Of War. 

Greg has also worked with many recording artists including The Bronx, K Theory, Merl Saunders and Jerry Garcia, Joan Baez and Rocker T, and Rob Garza Of Thievery Corporation as well as high-profile technology brands including Samsung, Nvidia, GoPro, and Apple. 

Greg is a twenty five year voting member of The National Academy Of Recording Arts & Sciences and served on the board of The Grammys as both a Governor and Trustee. He has been a leading advocate for recognition by The Recording Academy for music in games. He is also a long standing voting member and active supporter of The Game Audio Net Guild (GANG), the world’s largest organization of game audio professionals. 

He has conducted panels, and lectures at SXSW, The SF Music Tech Conference, AES Conference, The Academy of Art Institute of San Francisco, and GRAMMY Soundtables.

Greg was voted entrepreneur of the Year by The Renaissance Center For Entrepreneurship and named to the 2015 Inner City 100 list (ICIC) in recognition of Pyramind Inc's rapid growth

Greg Gordon Pyramind CEO

Gregory J. Gordon

Chief Executive Officer

// Creative Director


Brennan Anderson

Brennan Anderson

Senior Audio Producer // Composer

Brennan is driven by a passion for unique storytelling. The interactive nature of games makes for new experiences every time we play, and bringing music into that experience is an art form in itself. Brennan has spent years combining music and technology to deliver this new way of experiencing music to games -- from writing sweeping orchestral scores, to highly detailed dynamic music implementation that changes facets of the music as you play the game differently.


Originally from Austin, TX, music has been a part of Brennan’s life since he was born. He has been playing every instrument he could get his hands on since he was five, and when he was twelve he first experienced the music that would change the course of his life -- the soundtrack to Final Fantasy VII. This opened up an entire world of creativity and he started writing.

Brennan studied music production at Pyramind and after graduating quickly found a place at Disney Interactive where he developed both musically and technologically while working on titles such as Star Wars, Frozen, and TRON. Specializing in music and technology such as programming and implementation allowed him to produce the highest quality work for each game. Brennan has now joined the team at Pyramind as a Senior Audio Producer to continue his game audio journey.


Supervising sound designer and mixer for Pyramind Creative Services Group. Eric's game audio services include sound design and implementation with Wwise, FMOD Studio, Unity3D and Unreal Engine. Lead mixer in San Francisco's largest independent commercial mixing stage featuring Avid Pro Tools HDX and D-Command with Meyer Sound 11.2 Acheron/Galileo monitoring. Project lead for commercial sound design libraries including forthcoming ambisonic libraries. Clients from a number of industries including game audio, VR, 360 Video, cinematics and trailers.

Previously, Eric was Senior House Engineer for Sony Computer Entertainment America and Assistant Director of the Music Technology Program at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills  CA.  He was also an Audio Training Strategist in the Avid Education Department. His game audio credits include games for Sony Computer Entertainment, Technicolor, Namco Bandai, Ninja Theory, and Juice.  He has also worked as a supervising sound editor and re-recording mixer on a number of independent films and documentaries. 

As a studio technician Eric has a worked with many of the Bay Area’s best including Skywalker Sound, Pixar, American Zoetrope, Fantasy Studios, One Union, Polarity Post, The Plant, The Grateful Dead, Metallica, Santana, Les Claypool, Amon Tobin, and Blackalicious.  As one of only a handful of Avid Master Instructors, Eric has trained faculty at a number of music colleges including Full Sail, Expression College, Musician’s Institute, Savannah College of Artist & Design, USC, L.A. Film School, L.A. Recording School, the Art Institutes, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and many more.   He is the primary author of Avid’s Pro Tools and Game Audiocourse, and contributes to many of the official Avid courses covering Music, Post Production, Control Surfaces, and Live Sound. 

Eric Kuehnl

Eric Kuenhl

Supervising Sound Designer // Mixer


Hideki Yamashita

Hideki Yamashita

IT Director

Electronic music wiz/hip-hop producer for The Whereabouts and YBS, “Deks” came to Pyramind for the education and atmosphere, and to satisfy the curiosity he found in making music with computers. Fortunately, the melding of his passion for technology and music has brought him to an industry in which he thrives.

An early Pyramind student, Hideki has since graduated to become Pyramind’s IT Director. Deks works hard to maintain the technical infrastructure at both the 880 and 832 Folsom St. facilities, and the rigorous scheduling and technical requirements of a multi- room studio and educational complex.


Jeff (aka DJ F) is an experienced marketer, DJ, guitarist, saxophonist, producer and remixer with over 25 years in the business. Prior to joining Pyramind, Jeff served as Marketing and Focus Ninja for Focus@Will. He was the Sr. Director of Product Development & Music Licensing at INgrooves for nearly a decade and was the vinyl and dance music buyer for Virgin Megastore SF before that. 

Jeff earned his Bachelor's degree from the University of Miami in their Music Engineering program. He has taught several courses for Berklee Online, he's an expert on music publishing and an active member of NARAS. He has spoken on panels at conferences such as MusicExpo, SXSW, WMC, Summer Music Conference and for NARAS and NARIP. 

Perhaps best known for his Destination Lounge San Francisco CDs, he was also a member of the 15 piece disco band called Superbooty.  He's had the honor of performing at Coachella, Black & White Ball, Funk Fest, 2nd Sunday, and most every nightclub in SF. As a saxophone player he has played and recording with SF’s finest electronic music acts including Dubs Alive Band, Bachelors of Science, Claude Von Stroke, Late Night Sneaky, Rick Preston, Julius Papp, M3, Garth, Jeno, and J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science. He has recorded for labels such as OM Records, CODE Recordings, Revive the Soul, Ideal Muzik, Sweet Groove, Housetown, and RTFM. Lately on a rock and metal streak, he's started a new band called Malvation.

Jeff Straw

Jeff Straw

Director of Marketing


Andrew Scanlan

Andrew Scanlan

Content Marketing Manager

Andrew has been playing music since he was a teenager growing up in the east Bay Area. By the time he was 15 and got his first guitar, he knew he wanted to be in and around music all the time. After high school he attended Santa Clara University (BA in Music, ’09) where he learned about music theory, music history, guitar performance techniques, composition and overall musicianship. This traditional music education provided a great foundational knowledge as a musician, but he found Pyramind when he started looking for more industry-specific skills.

In September, 2011, Andrew started his Complete Master program, where he learned about music production, fell in love with electronic music and gained his first industry experience as a Pyramind intern.

Fast forward to the present day, Andrew now wears a variety hats serving as Pyramind’s Content Manager and is one of our resident experts on Maschine from Native Instruments. Andrew is responsible for overseeing the YouTube video pipeline, social media efforts, shooting video, newsletter creation and running the Pyramind video set.


Bay Area native Caiti VerBrugge is a producer, teacher, and video marketing associate here at Pyramind. She discovered GarageBand late in high school. The concept of making music solely with a computer was liberating, and Caiti continued with GarageBand until she found Propellerhead’s Reason. Once she started using Reason, there was no turning back.

She spent nights and weekends in college watching YouTube tutorials and continuously trying new production techniques in Reason. She came to Pyramind in 2014, after using Reason for over 4 years. She quickly became an intern here at our studios, and also volunteered as a teaching assistant for our ground campus Reason courses. Before long, she was hired as our Video Marketing Associate.

Currently, Caiti edits all of our video content and writes on our blog. She also teaches Sound Design in Reason online, and is our recommended Reason mentor in our mentorship network. She is perhaps best known for her Reason tutorials on our channel, which have surpassed 60k views 

Caiti VerBrugge

Caiti VerBrugge

Video Marketing Associate