Ideal for both sound design and voice over production, Studio B is connected to a spacious voice booth and Foley stage. It comfortably accommodates an engineer, producer and director - supports Skype and phone patch connectivity for remote access to sessions.

Studio A & B Select Equipment Includes:

  • Avid HD Omni I/O

  • Gentner Phone Patch

  • Focusrite Red Stereo Mic-Pre

  • Manley Massive Passive Variable MU

  • UA 2-1176 Stereo Compressor

  • DBX 160X Compressors

  • Avalon VT 737 sp Vacuum Tube Pre-Amp

  • Millennia Hu-3c Pre-Amp

  • Presonus Central Station

  • Quad Core Mac Pro w/32 GB Ram

  • HD5770 GFX Card

  • 1TB HDD

  • Blackmagic Decklink Studio

  • Dual 23" Displays

  • Genelec Monitors

  • Avid HD Native Card

  • Dangerous 2-BUs Analog Summing Mixer

  • Vintech Audio Stereo Pre-Amp