We excel in managing your entire voice production pipeline.  From casting and directing to editing and mastering, our staff, facilities, and cloud driven project management system ensures speedy delivery of demos and finished masters.

  • Casting and contracting services from broad network of local and non local talent pools
  • Nonunion and union talent available with licensed signatory
  • Directorial and recording engineering services including Facial Motion Capture
  • Asset management, including editing, mastering, file naming, and conversion
  • Multiple class A recording facilities and editing suites
  • Skype, Phone Patch, and Source-Connect available upon request

Dmitry Akhchin - Pyramind Studios

Featured Dialog Editor: Dmitry Akhchin

Dmitry is an audio engineer & producer, who has worked for a number of high profile clients, including Microsoft, Disney, NetMarble, Ubisoft & HTC. He also happens to be a Pyramind graduate


I’m writing to share some positive feedback. There is a different audio service being used by another group on this project, and today the client expressed displeasure with those audio recordings. The client touted Pyramind’s work as a model that should be emulated. They called Pyramind out by name and noted that they like how Pyramind’s artists speak at a slow pace while still holding the phrases together and being expressive, without sounding artificial. Thanks for collaborating with professional voice talent and for all the great work you & your team continue to do!
— Kate D. Darling, WestEd

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