Pyramind is working closely with our technology partners to be on the cutting edge of of this exciting frontier.

Beta Development Partners include: Dolby, Dysonics, Visisonics, and Facebook, using the latest tool sets like Atmos For VR, Rondo360, RealSpace 3D and the Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation. These tools allow us to spatialize our mixes and take your spherical videos to the next level. Viewers can immerse themselves in your content and experience them on all the most popular delivery platforms including: Youtube, Facebook, Jaunt & Littlstar!


Featured Development Partners

Featured Ambisonic Library:

Pro Sound Effects

Pyramind is excited to partner with Pro Sound Effects in New York for the development and soon to be released custom recorded Ambisonic Sounds Of San Francisco. Our team of sound designers and field recordists spent months traveling all over SF to record and produce it's most signature sounds.

Let Pyramind go capture the ambisonic sound fields for your next project!