We sat down with Brennan Anderson, Senior Audio Producer here at Pyramind, to discuss our role in Smurfs Bubble Story.

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Q: What did you contribute to the project?

A: We composed all original music for the game.


Smurfs Bubble Story

Q: What were the most challenging parts of the project and how did you overcome them?

A: One aspect of the music is that it had to be stylistically in-line with the music from the film, since this game was based on the film. That comes with a whole set of challenges in matching the style without blatantly referencing the original material. We had to take the original material and figure out what made it sound the way it does and use similar techniques in writing and orchestration, while still keeping the music accessible for a game. Film music doesn’t always make great game music, so we had to change things up a bit for it to work with the game.


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Q: How does working with an existing IP change the flow of music creation?

A: You are more constrained. You can’t write outside of the world or universe that the IP dictates. Some IPs are a little more loose, but you still have various musical styles and techniques that just do not fit with the IP. For example, we would never have done any contemporary aleatoric writing for the main theme in Smurfs, just as you would not use a cheerful orchestral score for something like Doom.


Q: How much leeway were you given and creative liberties could you take musically?

A: We were given a direction and a style with reference materials. We had to stay in that realm stylistically, but in terms of melody or progression, that was up to us. We worked closely with the development studio, as well as the director of the film, to make sure that everything both matched the film and the game.


Q: Did you get a playable version of the game to write music?  What did they give you to work with?

A: We were given builds of the game, videos, and images of various mechanics, as well as music references from the film.

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