Arcade Saga is HTC’s first internal VR title developed by 2 Bears Studios. 2 Bears Studios is led by game veterans from Microsoft Game Studios, Rockstar and Midway who have now joined senior engineers at HTC Vive to develop the next generation of VR experiences. 2 Bears Director David Sapienza worked closely with Pyramind Studios' Director Greg Gordon and Senior Producer Brennan Anderson to forge a dynamic relationship to create just the right soundtrack and sound design for a futuristic arcade style experience.  With a nod to it's 8 bit past,  Arcade Saga presents a 3-in-1 combo of challenges which were inspired by arcade classics such as BreakoutGalaga and Arkanoid. As a newly born A.I. entity, you battle through 3 different futuristic sports—Fracture, Smash and Bowshot—to escape slavery at the hands of the Overlords and defeat enemy minions to survive levels and upgrade your arsenal to face off against Overlords in epic boss battles.

Pyramind's team of composers (see credits below) created a mix of 8 bit arcade style music mixed with contemporary orchestral and electronica sensibilities to create a driving & memorable score that keeps you wanting more. Greg Gordon provided the voices of the four bosses, all processed by Pyramind senior sound designer Eric Kuehnl for an edgy and aggressive sound. We dare you to tell if you can make out Greg's actual voice in this one!


You guys got the vibe perfectly and crafted this into an audio strategy. The music and sounds with the 8-bit influence are great. The fact that we haven’t talked much and that you guys did such fantastic work speaks to your ability as artists and professionals. Whether it is the thick reverberating sound of hitting the ball in Fracture or the wonderfully warbling shot sounds in Bowshot or the perfect Slow Bubble sound in Smash you guys did an amazing job. Your passion and masterful ability is evident in your art. You have added so much to our game and I thank you so much for that...
...Greg thanks so much for being tolerant when dealing with corporate HTC and for doing all our voices!!!!!
— J. Epps, Design Director VR, HTC Vive

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Music & Sound Credits For Arcade Saga:

Gregory J. Gordon - Creative Director, Executive Producer

Brennan Anderson - Senior Audio Producer, Composer, Audio Implementation

Jeremy Garren - Composer, Sound Designer

Eric Kuehnl - Sound Designer, Dialogue Editor

Austin Baxter - Sound Designer

Cole Smithers - Composer

Brandon Roos - Composer

Dmitry Akhchin - Audio Engineer, Dialogue Editor

Timothy Bruce - Studio Manager


VO Talent - English:

Rebecca Schweitzer - Descarte (Narrator)

Gregory J. Gordon - CubeRT, Jo Glass, Agalag, Raiden (Bosses)